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 I started my crossfit career in 2012. Before that I had done strength and conditioning for 8 years to stay in shape for football, swimming, and rugby. I went to Endicott College for Elementary Education. This is where I found my passion for teaching. During that time I joined a CrossFit gym close to campus and was hooked. This style of gym showed me what true CrossFit was all about; helping people and yourself be the best versions of themselves as they can be. CrossFit embodies all of the things that make people good. After the first class I was hooked.  

Fast forward to graduation. I was lucky to be offered a chance to start a brand new CrossFit gym. After a couple of years, I decided to take ownership and thus CrossFit Plainville was born. It's been amazing seeing the progress of members and colleagues throughout my time here and I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds. 


CF-L2 | USAW L1 | BSED Physical Education/Health Education | MS EXS Human Performance

Coaching Crossfit for 6 years.  Enjoy competing in both Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting competitions.  Recently competed in the Masters Nationals Weightlifting meet.

Helping people achieve things they never thought were possible is the best thing about coaching.

Specialty: Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Kids Fitness

Best things about CFP is the community and how they support each other in all aspects of their lives.

I am most proud of being the father of two beautiful daughters.

Fun Fact: Drove a stunt car in the movie, The Matrix 2


CF-L1 | Precision Nutrition Certified | BA Biology

I have been coaching CrossFit for over two years and started coaching Nutrition in January of 2019. I truly found my passion in helping people become the best versions of themselves. My favorite part about coaching (both CrossFit and nutrition) is helping people overcome their fears or anxieties to really reach their potential. It is the best feeling in the world when someone achieves a long term goal or does something they never thought possible. My specialty as a coach is definitely the health and wellness side of fitness; if you need help making healthy habits outside of the gym, I'm your girl! I also love coaching gymnastics movements like pull ups or toes-to-bar. 

My favorite thing about coaching at CrossFit Plainville is that we are a family. Every member and coach celebrates each other's wins and helps through hard times. We truly are a community, not just a bunch of people who workout at the same place. It's hard to find that and I'm so thankful to work at a place that does!

A fun fact about me is that I used to do flying trapeze as a child and I really miss it! 




I am a relatively new coach but have been an avid Cross Fitter for over six years. One of my favorite things about coaching is the ability to watch the athlete light up once they hit a movement they have been struggling with; that sense of joy and excitement is contagious.  

One of my strengths as a CrossFit athlete would be metcon workouts. I love workouts that implement both cardio and weightlifting into one. I really enjoy re-test weeks as well; it is so gratifying to see all of your hard work pay off and how much better and efficient you have become.

My favorite thing about CFP is the sense of community that emanates from this box the moment you walk through the door. Everyone here is extremely friendly, approachable and ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Cross Fit Plainville is more than just a gym, it’s a family.

When I am not working out, raising two tiny humans (both of which you will see hopefully behaving themselves down at CFP) and taking care of a St. Bernard (and vacuuming up all of his hair), I am a Registered Nurse. I truly love helping people and working diligently along side of them to accomplish their goals, however big or small those may be.  




I have been coaching for a year or so.

I love coaching because it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I see members progress and be able to do things they couldn’t do before. 

I love focusing on technique, technique, technique. Never underestimate the benefits of getting back to the basics of each fundamental movement and practicing to build your muscle memory.

My favorite thing about CrossFit Plainville is the people/community. I tried CrossFit at another gym before coming to CFP. The coaches only seemed to focus on the more skilled members. At CFP, the members and coaches are very friendly and go out of their way to make new members feel welcome. This gym is more than just a place where we work out—it’s a place where we catch up with friends, have fun, and push one another to keep doing better every day.

A little about me:

I’m Bosnian.

I love playing and watching soccer. Go Man City!

I met my wife at CFP about 5 years ago. We now have a baby boy and we hope to get him started with CrossFit pretty much as soon as he starts walking!