I'm not in shape. Can I still do CrossFit?

Absolutely! It's a myth that you have to already be in great shape before starting CrossFit. Most of the people at CFP started their fitness journey here with us! We have members who lifted a barbell for the first time in our gym, as well as people who have been working out for years. Everything is easily modified for beginners while still ensuring that you can do the same workout as the class. Don't worry!

How many days a week do I need to come?

This is a personal decision that no one can make for you; however, it is recommended that you come at least three days a week to really see a difference. If you only have time to come in once or twice a week, that's okay too! There are also people who come five or more times a week, so it really is up to the individual!

How long are the classes?

CrossFit classes are an hour in length but by the time you stretch and put equipment away, you'll probably be here for a little over an hour. 

Olympic Lifting classes are typically an hour and a half but sometimes last 2 hours. 

Our Teens class is an hour, and our Kids class is 45 minutes.

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What's a "WOD"?

The WOD is the "Workout of the Day". Our workouts change daily and are always posted the night before on both Facebook and the Wodify App that our members have access to. 

Can I still do CrossFit if I have an injury or history of injury?

Yes! Our coaches are trained to know how to modify a workout or movement to work around an injury. You may not always be doing the exact same workout as the rest of the class, but you can still sweat and be a part of the community! We recommend that you talk to a coach ahead of time so they understand the problem; call, email, or drop in to let us know before you start your first class!